3rd Annual Meeting BELGIAN SOCIETY OF LYMPHOLOGY 27 octobre 2018

Inscriptions :  http://besl.be/index.php/fr/congress-fr




07h30-08h00: registration and coffee welcome


08h00-09h45: BeSL Lectures: Fatty tissues and lymphatic system”

                               “Lymphedemas and/or lipedemas?”                                                           Prof Bourgeois (Belgium)

                               “Lymphatics and fatty tissues, a complex relation”                   Prof Horra (Spain)

                               “Lympho-lipo-aspiration for lymphedemas and lipedemas?”  Prof Campisi (Italy


09h45-10h15: coffee break and Poster session


10h15-16h45:   « How should we deal with edema of the limbs : from A to Z?”

                        « Prendre en charge un oedème de membre(s) : de A à Z ? »


10h15-12h15 : session 1

1.       Pre-therapeutic Clinical and para clinical management of the limbedemas

Prise en charge et bilan clinique et para-clinique des oedèmes des membres (et autres)

                BeSL guidelines for the pretherapeutic evaluation of limbedemas:                     Prof Bourgeois, MD, PhD

2.       Surgery and/or physical therapy for lymphedemas?

Quelle prise en charge thérapeutique? Chirurgie ou/et physiothérapie?

                BeSL Guidelines for surgery in lymphedema:                                                           Dr Roman, MD

                BeSL Guidelines for Physical Therapy in lymphedema:                                          Prof Adriaenssens and Leduc, PT, PhD

                With Discussion around practical situations (with patients?) and with the participation of Prof Boccardo and Campisi 

3.       Quelles évaluations de la réponse?

How to estimate the therapeutic response ?

        Volumétriques et/ou périmétriques ? Autres ?

                               Perikit ? Perometer ? Mètre ruban ? Immersion? Volometer?                        Dr Harfouche, PT, PhD


12h15-12h45 : break and lunch packet for the registered


12h45-16h15 : session 2 : About the physical treatments? About…

4.       Manual lymphatic drainages under lympho-fluoroscopic control?                                 Prof Bourgeois, MD, PhD

5.       Multi-layer-bandaging: materials and applications?                                                          Prof Leduc and Adriaenssens PT, PhD

                                With demonstration of materials

6.       Pressotherapies ?                                                                                                                  Prof Leduc and Adriaenssens PT, PhD

7.       Elastic stockings and contentions (and physical exercises?)                                          Mr Pastouret, PT

Practical considerations about and for elastic contentions?                                           

                               With demonstration of materials


16h15-16h50 : break


16h50- 18h00 : session 3

8.       Nutrition for Lymphedema and/or Lipedema?                                                                     Prof Guggenbuhl

9.       Which reimbursements ? Quels remboursements?

                                Pour les produits?                                                                                          Mme Hubar

                                Pour les prestations ?                                                                                     Mme Van Dooren 


18h00-18h30: BeSL General Assembly


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