PEDRO mise à jour juin 2023

Thank you for joining PEDro at the 2023 World Physiotherapy Congress

Thank you for joining the PEDro activities at the 2023 World Physiotherapy Congress. The PEDro team had a great time meeting you all and look forward to connecting with you in the future and hearing your ideas of support.




Funding is vital to sustain PEDro

Support for PEDro comes from the following global physiotherapy organisations. Thank you to Asociación de Fisioterapeutas (Guatemala), Associação Espanola de Fisioterapeutas, Deutscher Verband für Physiotherapie, Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association, Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists, Physio Austria, Physiotherapeuten-Verband Liechtenstein, Singapore Physiotherapy Association, Suomen Fysioterapeutit, Taiwan Physical Therapy Association, UNIFY ČR, Združenje Fizioterapevtov Slovenije, Panhellenic Physiotherapists' Association, Fysioterapeuterna, American Physical Therapy Association, and Macau Physical Therapists Association.



PEDro update (5 June 2023)

PEDro contains 59,049 records. In the 5 June 2023 update you will find:

  • 45,060 reports of randomised controlled trials (43,844 of these trials have confirmed ratings of methodological quality using the PEDro scale)

  • 13,245 reports of systematic reviews, and

  • 744 reports of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.

For latest guidelines, reviews and trials in physiotherapy visit Evidence in your inbox.



DiTA update (5 June 2023)

DiTA contains 2,414 records. In the 5 June 2023 update you will find:

  • 2,153 reports of primary studies, and

  • 261 reports of systematic reviews.

For the latest primary studies and systematic reviews evaluating diagnostic tests in physiotherapy visit Evidence in your inbox.

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